Saturday 13 September 2008

First time mountaineers

When Bella was given a gift voucher as a present she could have chosen a day at the spa, wine tasting, even a days race car driving but keen to try something a little different she opted for a day's mountaineering with The Ice Factor and roped in her sister Rowena for good measure.
A damp misty walk in to Ben Nevis left them undeterred and they decided to give Tower Ridge a bash (because I'd said it was the longest hardest scrambley route up!). The wet rock didnt dampen their spirits (and there was a suggestion that not being able to see how far down it was may have actually helped) and after 5 hours we joined the raucous crowds on the summit of Ben Nevis with our own feeling of satisfaction at having made great use of a damp day. Well done guys, you'ld never have guessed that you were first time mountaineers. Many thanks to Gwilym too who came along to shadow me at work and made the day that much more pleasant. PS love that jaunty helmet Rowena, next time I'll just cut off the ponytail :-)


Charlie said...

Well done to my amazing sisters!

Anonymous said...

Well done sisters - very impressive. Love the chic angle of the had weenie! Ziz