Monday 1 September 2008

Ledge Route

Up the Ben again. Today I had a pair of lively first time mountaineers and the forecast was quite mixed so we went to Ledge Route. The guys did great and we made short work of the route and took in the summit in the mist. We were however rewarded with clearer spells on the way down and even sunshine by the time we had made it down from the halfway lochan.
We watched the helicopter taking loads of gas and blocks to the CIC hut building site and were glad to navigate on autopilot following the neat new cairns to the top. On a wet misty day they were giving various novice hillwalkers a lot of confidence that they were following the correct line across the summit plateau.
My clients were glad that they hadnt come up the zigzags after experiencing them on the way down but I think they agreed with Alan Kimber (see August 29th entry) that a link from the half way lochan to the North Face path would be better than the several eroded lines of bog that currently exist.

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