Friday 12 September 2008

Observatory Ridge

I was out on the hill with Lindsay from Australia today. Most of her previous climbing has been in places like the Arapiles, Kalymnos and Turkey. So she wanted a day of Scottish multi pitch trad. We went to Binnien Shuas but it was showery and looked to be damp for a while so we headed back to the Ben. It was cloudy here too and a bit damp but we went onto the 420m long classic VDiff Observatory Ridge. Chuck (an Instructor from the Ice Factor soon to be doing his MIA training) was along again to watch me at work. Well Lindsay is now more familiar with what Scottish mountain rock in September can mean; loose wet rock, a little drizzle and great fun! Lindsay was also a good laugh, quite irrepressible and keen to race us down from the summit too! We left the car park with the weather improving behind us giving a good view of our days climb.

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