Sunday, 8 February 2009

A wee bitty snow

I'm working in the East just now and the Cairngorms have had a huge dump of snow. This weekend I've been working for The Glasgow Academy and by saturday morning it was obvious that we werent going to be driving up to the ski areas anytime soon. So I popped on my snow blades and made my way to Glenmore to rent skis, boots and poles for half the team and when they arrived made my way back to Badaguish where we were staying and helped run sessions on snow shelters (great shovel up conditions), igloo building, snowshoeing and avalanche transceiver practice. At the end of the day we retired for a superb selection of cake (see photo). I dont think I've ever seen chaos like it at Glenmore- the cars parked on the roadside made it impossible for traffic to draw off and allow the snowplough through to clear the ski road. It took over an hour of shuffling (and one temporarily abandoned car was lifted and pushed aside by a party of 20 people) before a route through was made..... bedlam.
In the evening Neal, Nigel, Ian and I managed to get out for a little sunset skiing in the woods through to Glenmore and back - lovely evening.

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