Thursday, 26 February 2009

Wet on the Ben

Cack forecast and rain on my Velux windows all night. We went high to the Ben. Busy carparks with the BMC International meet again but we had Ledge Route to ourselves. My team this week have now split in 2 (took an extra instructor for their last 2 days) and I went with my pair to look at a classic mountaineering route- Ledge Route. We walked in in the rain but there was evidence of yesterdays fresh snow from the base of No.5 upwards and still ice on the first slab. It was still raining when we topped out but half way down the Red Burn bumslide (more holes, but we sent Mike from Abacus ahead as a crash test dummy) it dried out a little for our walk back to the car. Today I was working for The Ice Factor. Jamie B climbed No.3 Gully Buttress meting various hosts and guests from the international meet topping out on harder routes from below. Kenny (and the Abacus team) climbed Thompsons. There is still snow and ice up there in the mist and rain- we'll see what survives tomorrow.

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