Tuesday 28 April 2009

Tour de Polldubh

Second day of our Lochaber College SVQ in Activity Leadership climbing course. Today I was 1:1 with kyle and our goal was mileage to let him experience lots of rock, lots of gear placements and lots of belay building.
It was a slightly grey start in glen Nevis but the day improved until we were shedding layers in the sun in the afternoon. We climbed Pinnacle Ridge (sev), Three Pines (VDiff - hard), Reptons Right Hand Route (V Diff), Spike Wall (Severe) and Secretaries Direct (the best Severe in the Glen). We climbed 14 pitches of rock by climbing a few routes with our packs on and at 4pm we retreated to the bus to join Chuck and Guy who had each been out with their own pairs of students.

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