Saturday, 11 April 2009

TV Work with BBC Countryfile

Mike from Abacus Mountaineering phoned me last Sunday night about a little TV work today. The idea was to take Countryfile presenter Julia Bradbury winter climbing whilst he did some winter walking skills with another presenter, Matt Baker. In the event our hopes of getting the crew to the top of Aonach Mor were dashed by limited time frames and high winds meant that the Nid was as far as we got. On the way there we did a short interview with SAIS Avalanche observer Blair Fyffe.
Julia was game for a laugh and genuinely enthusiastic about the outdoors. We (Donald from Abacus and 2 of Nevis Range's ski patrollers) shepherded the crew into position whilst I took her up a short, moderately steep snow slope so she could get a feel for some steeper snow and they could get some nice shots of Lochaber in its spring snowy coat. A fun day and not half as faffy or frustrating as some film crews I've worked with!

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Gerald Davison said...

Hi Alan, caught you on BBC IPlayer doing the Countryfile piece - thought you and Mike came over really well. Got the message across about needing to use the right equipment AND having the skills to use it properly. I liked Julia's little comment at the beginning regarding Avalanche Forecast.

The presenters were both "game", not surprising in Julia's case given her previous experience.