Friday 10 April 2009

Tower Ridge

We walked into Ben Nevis again in the rain today. There were a lot more people around, brave (?) souls headed to Good Friday Climb and someone else was high in Coire na Ciste near the base of North Gully/No.4. We saw plenty of ice falling across Observatory Gully from our viewpoint on Tower Ridge which at least 3 pairs followed us up.
Again the snow lower down was wet and much depleted from last friday but we put crampons on from the little tower as there was still quite a bit of ice around. The visibility was much better and it was dry as we topped out onto a plateau with plenty of walkers (in all states of attire; jeans, 3/4 length tousers, trainers... etc.) around. We paid a quick visit to the summit before heading down the now quite broken Red Burn.
Ian and Ross did well for their second day winter mountaineering, leading themselves up the lower half of the ridge quickly and efficiently - they were a good crack too!

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