Monday, 10 May 2010

Lakes Trad and bolting- oooh controversial

Well is it really controversial? The BMC Local Area Meeeting had decided in the past that a bolted ab point at the top of Sergeants Crag Slabs would be appropriate and twice one has been placed only to be chopped by someone taking a unilateral decision. This means that people have been abseiling off of 2 rusty pegs, some manky tat and a snapgate maillion combination that in my opinion left something to be desired. So today Dan and I went off to climb some of the excellent routes on this crag (I led the HVSs Lakeland Cragsman and Endurance and Dan did Terminator HVS, Apahasia E25b and Quicksilver E15b). Despite the odd snowflake and fairly numb fingers (fresh dustiong of snow on the Lakeland Fells this morning) we had a superb day on the sharp rough rock of these routes and climbed the drill and bolting kit up a route to replace the ab station. Will it last? Is it third time lucky? Who knows? For more information on the reasoning behind the decision to bolt this ab station see Dan's Blog or the Cumbria Bolt Fund Website.


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