Monday 7 February 2011


All sympathy gratefully received!


Stephen McAuliffe said...

hope its nothing too serious and won't keep you laid up too long.

Anatole said...

We found hundred of Al traps today - even fell over in one or two, but fortunately failed to sustain similar injuries.

White out in Sneachda, lots of snow on the wind and plenty of unstable avalanche slopes. One went and took a couple of climbers (non-Glenmore) - but they were OK and just needed a bit of tlc to be helped out. The gullies weren't a clever place to be.

Anyway, we had some fun 'ice bouldering' and working with two axes for the first time. Lots of revision - frequently starting with 'Al said that ... ".
Our instructor is a chap called David, who has been great.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Alan said...

Dave Haygarth will look after you just fine- don't stand on any bad snow!
Ankle sore but accepting some weight now. Will only get better with all the rest its getting (other than playing horsey for large 50l rucksack sized child!