Friday 16 September 2011

More inspiration...

Was running through a few blogs and websites I haven't checked in a while this morning and there is some great writing out there.
This is Andy Kirklunatic writing about climbing in Patagonia:
I learned that you must embrace your environment. Don’t go to a place famous for storms then sit and wait for the good weather. Enjoy the wind and the snow and the rain and see it’s power and beauty. Bend to it’s will.

Kind of resonates with my attitude to Scotland.
(note the water pissing off of my left boot, the boot is full to overflowing...)
More good stuff on that post here....

I mentioned Karen Darke the other day. Read this to see how weird life can be when it comes to sources of inspiration.

Nick Bullock spoke at the AMI conference last year at Glenmore Lodge (with a beautiful Italian Lady in hand as he called his pint of Peroni and in between 2 hard winter days out in the Loch Avon basin. Read his Blog: especially 'Whatever happened to...' from the 2nd July and 'What if...' from the 3rd of September......

Then go and read Kev's post: and spot the truth of Nicks words. If and when they pin him down to write the book buy it.

“What if your fears and dreams existed in the same place?

What if to get to heaven you had to brave hell?

What if everything you ever wanted cost you everything you ever achieved

Would you still go there?”

It all makes me want to run, climb, bike, whatever the weather. Remember how it feels? Tired, cold, wet, sweating with exertion or fear, or both.... It would be a cliche to say 'but alive' but cliches can be true too.


James Roddie said...

Great post Al, I think a lot of the time in Scotland if we didn't "embrace our environment" we'd never get anything done!

Alan said...

Yes.... sounds like we will be embracing the white stuff soon!