Sunday 11 September 2011

Rain on me.....

Day 2 of the AMI Shortroping workshop for Trainees today and the forecast was still not helpful. With torrential rain and strong winds higher up I took the 4 students to Gearr Aonach. We started up the first 'Zig' of the Zigzags before breaking right onto the relatively rarely climbed 'Easy Route'. This Grade 3 has some good rock and a fair amount of vegetation and gave us the opportunity to look at a variety of ways of protecting people in a mountaineering context.
It also gave us the opportunity to exceed the ability of 5 brands of waterproofs to cope with Scottish rain!!
At the top of the route we did a quick about face and headed down the Zigzags normal route moving with the coils in hand, taking quick belays, lowering and abseiling on the way.....
....then we legged it back to the cars and went to Crafts and Things for a hot drink in a dry place.
With tomorrow's forecast..... I'm glad I'm working in a climbing wall.
Oh, above is a little video of the MIA Trainees maintaining their senses of humour despite the weather. Good effort this weekend guys!

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