Saturday 24 September 2011

Yesterday and today

Soooo yesterday I was coaching climbing movement with students from the Adventure Studies Department of UHI. We went to the Ice Factor and did an assessment of each student finding that many of them were relying on strength at the expense of technique. So after looking at constructive warmups we went back to basics looking at their understanding of their centre of gravity and how they can use it to affect their climbing. We used the camera to capture some images which displayed on a laptop (with an acetate sheet on top to draw on) allowed us to get a clearer picture of what they were doing.

Today I was working at Glenmore Lodge on the first day of an MIA Training course. We spent most of the day looking at the dynamic assessment of risk as a core element of making judgments. After some theory in the classroom we took it out onto the hill to the Twin Ribs where we used ML ropework scenarios to explore the ideas under discussion. Then we did some more classroom work looking at the other adventurous activities that MIAs may be involved in and also the legal side of our work.

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