Wednesday 12 October 2011

Training for routesetting, teaching indoor leading and Navigation...... and I've got a cold :-(

In the last few days I've done 2 day's training as part of my role as Technical Advisor for The Ice Factor. The first was some site specific training towards staff being able to teach indoor lead climbing. Interestingly but like many staff at large commercial walls they chose this route rather than the CWLA. I think this is because these staff often work at only one wall and therefore don't feel it is worthwhile paying the extra money to register for an NGB.
Day 2 involved some Routesetting training and procedure checking. This is quite different from much of the work I do and the systems involved need to meet the needs of the Work at Height Regulations in a different way. But besides the technical side there is a lot of training to be done on the creative side of setting routes too.
Finally today I was working with 3 students from UHI's Adventure Studies Department on their navigation. We tried a new venue that several of the staff have been curious about near Glen Loy. Ruddy 'dendrons' paths marked purely for historical value and large new roads were a them of the day. I wont hurry back but at least it stayed dry.

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