Tuesday 1 November 2011

Coaching Processes for FUNdamentals

Yesterday I was at Glenmore Lodge for a Coaching Processes workshop for MCofS FUNdamentals providers. The focus of the day was very much on 'how' to coach rather than 'what' to coach.
The MCofS will be rolling out the first of these workshops, that have been so successful in England and Wales, in Scotland before Christmas and I will be providing them in the west of Scotland. For details see the website (dates up soon) here. The course is for those involved in introducing people to climbing at a FUNdamental level and is there to introduce principles of Long Term Participant Development in OUR sport, look in detail at the core elements of climbing movement and how we present these to beginners.
With the advent of the new MLT Coaching climbing qualifications it may well be that FUNdamentals courses might form part of the new qualifications, be a pre-requisite or act as accredited prior learning.
The picture above shows The Geek (Scottish Youth Coach of the Year), Euan (MIC and Aspirant Guide) and George (Head of Mountaineering at Glenmore Lodge) during part of a session looking at the teaching of a knot to examine Teaching and Learning Styles. This is the third coaching processes course I've been on (in addition to several shorter workshops on the same area) and I always pick up something new or remind myself of something that had drifted to the back of my memory. If you are involved in any form of Coaching/Instruction of Climbing then the regular courses at Glenmore Lodge (one running in early December) and PYB are highly recommended.

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