Thursday 24 November 2011

Summit 64 article and my holidays.

Just seen Summit 64 from the BMC. I have a wee a piece on whiteout navigation in it.
Sorting and packing today. Tomorrow I'm off to Glasgow to attend a climbing workshop given by Johnny Dawes at TCA Glasgow. Then on Saturday i'm off to El Chorro (staying at the excellent Olive Branch) for a very quick 5 day climbing hit. Back to Glasgow for 24 hours and then its off to California to visit Santa Barbara (a family trip but climbing kit might find its way in ;-).
Winter will be here when I get back in Mid December its straight into snowy work with Staff Training at Glenmore Lodge, winter mountaineering (it is on the way) and then on Sunday the 18th of December I hope to be delivering an MCofS FUNdamentals of climbing workshop in Aberdeen at Transition Extreme. These workshops previously available south of the border are being rolled out here in Scotland after a great deal of work from the MCofS. The workshops have been designed to introduce the first stage of long term participant development and introducing the core elements of climbing movement to beginners on slabs and vertical surfaces. As well as this the MCofS courses differ a little from the BMC ones in that we have decided to introduce the concepts of how to coach (the coaching process) as well as just what to coach. Exciting times ahead as the FUNdamentals will be linked possibly as part of, or as accredited prior learning to the new MLT Coaching Awards due to appear next year.
For more info. keep an eye on the MCofS website and Transition Extreme's page too.

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