Sunday, 20 May 2012

SPA Day 2, CMD Arete and suffering in Montana

Sally about to get 'stuck' on the abseil
And rescuing a cragfast Nikki
The second day of our SPA training today and Max and I spent some time with the 7 trainees first thing at The Ice Factor. Then it was off to Polldubh which was busy with climbers of all ages and abilities.
Meanwhile Jane's mum and dad braved the sun and soft snow to tackle the CMD Arete on Ben Nevis today. The photos make it look pretty wintery today but its finally warming up and today's very soft snow should melt fast this week. There was also a rescue today of an unfortunate climber who fell on the Rogue Pitch of Point 5 Gully. Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team have put some photos up of the rescue online:

 Its interesting that there is more than a foot more snow at the summit than 17 days ago!

Take a look at this piece of writing and video from Alpinist magazine- great stuff- and very Scottish looking!!                                      

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