Monday, 17 June 2013

4 days on Mull

My only previous experience of Mull was a hasty journey heading to the delightful granite of Erraid so I was looking forwards to 4 days of DofE Assessing this weekend.
Scotland never ceases to amaze me, there is so much there. I climbed heathery cols, passed bothies and did all the usual things I do in Scottish Mountains but I also sat in a beer garden at the oldest pub on Mull that felt positively like being in the Lakes (only less busy), I sat on rocky shorelines watching for otters, seals and lost count of the herons and buzzards I saw and visited the best bakery cafe I've been in in a long, long time.
We had showers early on passing Tomsleibhe bothy and the memorial to the dakota that crashed on the hillside above it but after that conditions cleared as we passed Mull and gave us a sunny last two days and the girls from The Glasgow Academy walked well and provided endless entertainment. A very pleasant 4 days work right up to last night when I upset a boiling jetboil over my left hand. Taking my own advice I hastened to the stream to immerse my arm in cold running water for quarter of an hour. This seemed to take the heat out of things well as this morning I have a penny sized blister and what looks like a case of sunburn- a lucky escape.
Grand finish through Glen Gorm today and down into Tobermory. Smidge saved the day again packing away the tent this morning!
 The memorial to the crashed Dakota
 Time for a hearty lunch
 Where next?
 Waiting by the shore
 Emerging from the forest
Should have bought that midge hood at Cotswold!

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