Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunday mountaineering on Ben Nevis

After a night at the CIC Hut the 2nd of June dawned with fresh snow and rime visible on Indicator Wall and the Great Tower!!
We decided it would go and stuck with plan A Tower Ridge. Rosie Kaza and I each had a team (Karen is working towards her MIA so was getting some feedback on her mountaineering ropework). Fortunately for us the forecast turned out to be better than expected and we had a clear and sunny day after we hit the Ridge. Happy days and a great team. We headed down No. 4 again, cleared the Hut and home for tea and medals (and some sleep if the wee ones will let me!).
 Rime and snow on Ben Nevis this morning!
 Sunshine on Tower Ridge
 The Eastern Traverse
 The cave partly filled with snow
 Tower Gap
 A little of the fresh snow and ice hanging on in until lunchtime
 Rosie, Tim, Clemmie and James nearly there
 Melissa  the snow angel
 Tim taking a dip in the Ciste Lochain!
Taking out the rubbish