Thursday 12 June 2014

FUNdamentals 3 and Gritting my teeth

A great day on the second pilot of the FUNdamentals 3 'Advanced' Technique pilot. Not just because I think it'll be a great day but because it challenged me mentally to make sure I have a solid enough grasp of the components to coach them to others. More on FUNdas and its future in another blog post….
And then we went to Millstone. JJ and I headed out yesterday evening for me to get another humbling on the grit. We climbed Embankment 2 (I should have kept my approach shoe on my left foot) and I furthered my jamming education. Embankment 3 was my Waterloo however- with screaming toes and wracked shoulder I abandoned ship at the tat. Then we went to Great North Road… finally a climb I can understand straight away! Bridging, lay backing, holds that aren't just the same crack my feet was in. A superb soaring corner of good length for a single pitch route and the roof isn't as bad as looks because there are footholds on the wall! After a second evening's spanking we retired to the excellent Fox House Inn for food (served until 10- good on you!).
1 last day of meetings and climbing in Sheffield today.
 Getting a little more dynamic...
 Lets talk about heel hooks
 Joby on his bicycle
 And clamping it on the wall
 Jon getting lost in the LH crack of Embankment 2
Great North Road

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