Tuesday 17 June 2014

FUNdamentals of Climbing at IFL

Today I was running a FUNdamentals 1 looking at the 'what' to coach of climbing movement at a beginners level. The venue was The Ice Factor were we worked both indoors and on the slabby walls on their outside tower. There were 8 keen staff who soon got to grips with basic climbing movement principles, common errors beginners make and different options for coaching depending on who we are working with. I was trialling a slightly modified version of the F1 Syllabus today as discussed at the meeting I was at in Sheffield last week which went well and is in keeping I feel with the base level of knowledge of many aspiring climbing coaches these days.
Roasting hot again today!
 Balance and agility exercises
 Spot the ball!
 'Walk ins'
 Centre of mass awareness
 Observation. But what is best seen from where?
 Follow the marker on Coaches Eye
 Accuracy and precision
 Foot swap AND hairy legs!
 Name that handhold
Handhold traverse

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