Sunday 28 September 2014

Development Coach training and MTA workshop

A BUSY weekend.
I've been running a Mountain Training Development Coach Training at Glasgow Climbing Centre with 2 of their coaches. There was a limited amount of new information I was able to give these quite experienced coaches in terms of theory but that didn't stop us putting plenty of stuff into practise and thinking on some of the 'bigger picture' roles of Development Coaches such as the major differences in coaching beginners vs improvers, mentoring Foundation Coaches and considering LTPD pathways beyond their students'  immediate performance goals.
On saturday evening I was also running a short MTA workshop for SPA Trainees/Award holders. This was an informal opportunity to talk through some specific techniques of interest to the 4 members who came along, some information on bolts that was new to them and some general principles in terms of 'good practise' vs 'best practise'. We were still at the crag chatting well into darkness!
 Observation skills using Coaches Eye
 Hand stand fail!
 Blez hates knots… he's a boulderer
 The guys needed a duffer to coach- they got me!
 Alastair on sacrificial protection and bolts with MTA members
 The what and the how
 That one
ttPp component of coaching on steeper ground

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