Tuesday 16 September 2014


I got a copy of the American Alpine Journal through the post today (subtitled 'The world's most significant climbs'). We've page long piece in it on our Qara Jeelga mini epic last year (read it on the AAJ Website here).
What a publication it is. That there is so much amazing exploratory climbing of all levels of difficulty going on today all around the world is pretty awesome and that you can read about most of it in one journal is fantastic. This year's stuff on the Cordillera and Monte Sarmiento makes me dream of 2 trips I did to Tierra Del Fuego 15 years ago…
Fortunately I've got something exciting panned for next year!
If you are feeling jaded at all or want some ideas just get a copy.
 Global climbing porn
 Make my feet itchy
Our little trip

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