Sunday, 5 October 2014

Moving moments

Day 2 and my keen team of Climbing Wall Award Candidates were looking forwards to visiting our second wall, TCA Glasgow in this case. We risk assessed the wall before the team created their own warm up games for groups and tried some of mine. Then it was mostly about movement and we did a whistle stop tour of some games and drills to introduce simple movement concepts before find a way through the Great Scottish Run to Glasgow Climbing Centre. Once there we wound up the Main Module with a review, Q and A and session on what to do between Training and Assessment.
Then we took advantage of the dry weather to look at personal safety, top ropes and group and personal abseiling before putting it into practise from the spire.
A bright keen team well up for progressing through the Award.
Made up warm up acrobatics
 T Rex arms and beanbag armpits
 Throwing shapes
 Know that hold
Better footwork
Abseiling… maybe she's a Mason?

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