Thursday, 18 June 2015

Damp rock

Out with Barry and Adam today in Glen Nevis. Barry has been on a couple of guided routes on Ben Nevis with me and fancies getting on the sharp end himself and Adam is working towards his MIA.
Poor Baz, whenever we get together it seems to rain and today was no exception. We got away with a dryish Pinnacle Ridge and it was breezy enough to be midge free but by the time we were on Styx Buttress Right Wall it was a steady drizzle that stayed with us as we abseiled off and throughout the Gutter too. Plenty of opportunities for belay building and gear placement for him to develop though. The sun does shine in the Highlands, honest Barry!
 Getting a handle on his clove hitches
 A little damp
 Proper wet!
Unconcerned local at the Alp

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