Tuesday 9 June 2015

Greenland and aeroplanes

At the weekend I was working with the group of young folk I will be taking to Greenland this summer. They are from Worksop College and at the school we did a full kit check, had them conduct a risk assessment, create a code of conduct and Tariq our team Doctor did a medical presentation.
The group have invested in some team Montane insulated jackets and as I already love my Alpha Guide and my Prism I'm happy to be using more Montane gear. On sunday we went to inspect our transport to the Arctic at Duxford. We'll be flying a WWII Catalina, Miss Pickup to the South Stauning Alps! Its a lovely old plane and has been lovingly restored and cared for by Plane Sailing and we've been supported by the RAF Benevolent Fund. We will be using local experts Tangent Expeditions for some of our logistics. As far as we know its over 40 years since the last Catalina was used on an expedition to Greenland. Bring it on!
 Tariq talking medical issues
 Making an assessment of the risks
 Kit check
 Miss Pick Up
 A great piece of aviation history
 The team
 Nice jacket!
Catalinas were used as transport in Greenland historically
 Abi inspects the thunder box!
 Safety briefings
 We'll exit through this hatch into inflatables to get ashore
Up front

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