Wednesday, 18 November 2015

2 days 2 walls

Yesterday I was working for NICAS moderating the provision of the Award at Gordonstoun School. I observed 2 sessions at a high standard with novice students run in their own climbing wall.
 Variety in warmups
 Do you pendule?
 Its a good wee wall
 These girls can
 Racking up the climbs
Match the halves of the statements
Today I was delivering rather than observing as Scott and I took a group of WHC students to the Glenmore Lodge wall. The team were all keen for some movement skills and we passed on some drills to use in their warmups before I took a pair to the bolts to answer some rope work questions.
 Ready to go
 The wall
 Hannah bridging
A little ropework
And for those interested in how close we are to proper winter conditions....

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