Wednesday 4 November 2015

Working on an IML Training at Glenmore Lodge yesterday and today

After monday's fun in the wall I've joined the Glenmore Lodge staff team delivering the IML Summer Training. Yesterday this was mostly about overseeing the speed navigation test in stunning weather. Today was a hill day with 6 of the candidates where they had to interpret a route description on local terrain written in foreign languages and then navigate it with no map but a variety of other aids (GPS, compass, altimeters).
It was rather damp after a start between cloud layers but we had a good day out seeing many large groups of ptarmigan changing their plumage for their winter white and a hare in the same state of flux.
 Speed Nav yesterday
 Starting above the cloud sea today
 Setting the altimeter
 Mapless navigation from a foreign language route description
 A high standard of holistic environmental knowledge is required by IMLs
 Spot the 2 ptarmigan
 There they are
 Classic behaviour- walking away
IML ropework intro.

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