Saturday 27 August 2016

Aonach Eagach with Oliver age 12

Today I was working for Gary and Tarmachan Mountaineering and he had sent me Mike and his 12 year old son Oliver to do the Aonach Eagach. 12 could be quite young for a big hill day like that but not in Oli's case- he cruised it! I also had Alex along to do the work for part of the day as final prep for his imminent MIA Assessment- easy life for me!
 1st Munro in the bag
 Atmospheric conditions
 Up rocky steps
 Down rocky steps
 Mike thinking thin thoughts
 Alex on the pinnacles
 Easy for this team
 Everyone enjoying themselves
 Brightening up
 Taking the rope for a walk
 The last bit
 Coming down
 Rope off- lunchtime!
2 Munros in the bag and energy to spare (well Oli did- not so sure about Mike!)

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