Thursday 18 August 2016

Hitting the wall

After a weekend drying out post Ben Nevis Survey I did 3 days of wall work. For 2 days I was delivering Staff Training for Transition Extreme covering use of their abseil platform, floor walking and route setting. Then yesterday I was at TCA in Glasgow working with Duncan Paterson to deliver a Mountaineering Scotland FUNdas 2 to the staff team from Blairvadach OEC. As ever the perverse nature of life means it seems that when it was torrential rain I was on Ben Nevis and when the sun was splitting the sky I was in a climbing wall!
 Group abseil
 Autobelay suspension (Jay going for an Oscar)
 Reviewing LTPD from FUNdas 1
 Thinking about triangles
 You WILL climb with straight arms
 Mirror me
 Too hot in the wall!

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