Friday 19 August 2016

Blustery on Tower Ridge

Charlie walked up Ben Nevis earlier this year and spotted me taking two folk up Tower Ridge. When we came round to the summit he wanted to know if he could do that? 20 seconds of questioning and the answer was 'Sure you can'. So he enlisted Dave and today was the day. We set a healthy walk in pace on the windy walk in and were soon heading up onto the Ridge. We had some visibility and dry weather until near the Great Tower where we entered some dense damp cloud and the rock got a bit greasier. That made the Gap just that bit more interesting and there was a bit if 'having a word with themselves' going on! we were on the plateau less than 5 hours from the car and it after a short visit to the top we plunged down the Pony Track and then off into the mist to the top of Ledge Route in very blustery weather. We made a brisk descent passing 2 large groups from OB LochEil on their way up and just as the rope came off the rain got a little more serious speeding us on our way back past the CIC Hut and on to the car park. Having had a well timed day is was all the more ironic that it took over 40 minutes from Torlundy to the Mallaig roundabout!
Nice to have Andy out observing me today and well done Charlie and Dave- enjoy the beers!
 Best view of the day
 Still dry and Ledge Route visible on the horizon
 Getting higher
 Still dry
 The Little Tower
 Soaking it up
 Here comes the mist
 Up the side of the Great Tower
 A big step across Tower Gap for Dave
 It was everything Charlie expected and more!
Summit heroes... now lets not be boring and take the Pony Track down lads...

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