Wednesday 21 September 2016

FUNdas and SPAs

Been a good few days beginning on Sunday with a FUNdamentals 1 for the MCofS at TCA Glasgow. I was running this for some of the Above Adventure team who will hopefully son have their own climbing wall to put things into practise on.
Monday morning was an SPA Reassessment with a successful outcome at Neilston Quarry for the candidate.
Then monday evening I began a busy SPA Assessment working with Andy at Glenmore Lodge. We paid visits to Cummingston (sunny) and Kingussie (stayed dry but cool) and used the Lodge wall. Great to have a clean sweep of 7 successful candidates!
Getting a feel for handholds
 All SPA Assessments should begin this way
 Precision and accuracy
 Ropes out
 Doddle Deirdre in the shade
 Well placed runners
 Out into the sun
 The loneliness of the long distance assessor- Andy waits on the stack
 Into the cave
 Andy ensuring the professionalism of the next generation...

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