Monday 2 January 2017

Icey in No.2 Gully.

 Climb when you're ready! (Note the wet ice even up here)
 Water still flowing high on the Ben- this is going to help more ice formation
 Looking up a stunningly icey pitch 3
 Looking down a narrow No.2 Gully
 Pretty rime
 Iain out observing me today and keeping well out of the way
 After an exciting lead Simon brings Mette up Pitch 3
 Crossing the bulge
 Past the nippy bit
 Time's pressing on so I take the lead for the last pitch
 Iain exits the route
 Here they come
 A very dark and atmospheric final pitch
 Nearly there
What lies beneath...
 Essential protection... Size 4 beard!
Rimey all round!
Day 2 with Mette and Simon and another big day out. With limited options for them to lead we joined a cast of... at least a dozen... headed for No.2 Gully area. I was concerned we were going to have to go elsewhere but fortunately many had opted for things further right and the rope ahead of us moved well. Iain was out observing me today as part of his process working towards his MIC. With this meaning we would both be soloing around in a narrow gully whilst the guys led it needed some careful management and I was only happy as I know him well and have climbed with him a great deal. Pitches 1 and 2 were dispatched and Simon was keen for a very icey pitch 3. Knowing what its like for your first lead on front points I placed the screws which he clipped. By the time Mette had joined us time was pushing on so we opted to draw a line under the teaching and I lead the pair of them out the last pitch- another long icey one. If you go in there with a rope take at least half a dozen screws and you may have both belays and your runners all on ice at the moment.
We opted for the straightforwards but chatty path descent today. Mette and Simon have had a good 2 days and move well on their feet. I reckon they have a plan now as to how to progress towards becoming competent independent winter leaders. Winner!
Elsewhere on the hill teams were making slow but steady progress on No.2 Gully Buttress. A wide eyed pair had had an 'interesting' last pitch on Gardyloo Gully and a fast moving team reported good nick on North East Buttress.

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