Sunday 15 January 2017

Soggy in Coire an t Sneachda

After the AMI AGM last night and a chance to catch up with old friends (BIG thanks to the Committee for all their hard work and Andy for making this happen) I was out with 2 more students from Heriot Watt University Mountaineering Club today and what a change from yesterday. By the time I was having breakfast word was out that it was 1 Degree C at Glenmore Lodge and 4 at the Car Park up the hill! We pressed on regardless with Steve keen to observe what I'd make out of today. we met many folk making good decisions coming out of the Northern Coires and chatted with Guy and his clients who had the same idea as us. We did a little rope work refresher sheltering from the wind and rainier the col on Fiacaill Ridge before the guys took themselves up 2 pitches of it. Then I gave them the option of continuing (it was mostly wet rock with a little soggy snow and just enough skims of ice to need crampons in places|) up the ridge or plan B.
Plan B was opted for and we dropped into Coire an t Sneachda to give the guys the opportunity to climb a little wet ice and have the opportunity to place ice screws.
At least a couple more days of this mild nonsense before it cools down again :-(
 An accurate picture of climbing conditions in the Cairngorms today
 A little leading
 On the crest of a damp Fiacaill of Coire an t Snechda
 Placing and ice screw with one hand
 The ice (running with water on the right)
 The steepening
A little climbing fun to finish the day!

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