Friday 27 January 2017

Mournes MRT Mountaineering

This week Bill Strachan and I were working at Glenmore Lodge with members of both the Mournes and Galway MRTs. Although the course began as a winter mountain week we were keen to both impart a few new hard skills but help the group look at how they plan and make decisions in some of the difficult environmental and stressful situations they work in. We spent a day mountaineering around the Cnap Coire na Spreidhe, a day looking at snow anchors in Coire Cas, a day on the Zig-zags in Glencoe a day at Kingussie Crag and a day at Cregan Coire Cha No. Thanks for the craic chaps! Even more images on the facebook page:
 Day 1
 Reminder of crampon techniques
 Serious ground
 Back into the sun
 Looking south
 Bill and his bucket seat
 Lean snow conditions in Glencoe
 Pipkrakes or 'needle ice'
 Bill full of the joys of spring... or summer?
 A variety of rigging options
 Stretcher lower
 Another key place for decision making
 Going down
 Dry rock
 Going up
 Recovery Gully
Home time

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