Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Lochaber College Hillwalking Assessment

Kevin and I have just spent a couple of days working in the area of Glen Suileag, west of Fort William, with students from the Outdoor course at Lochaber College. I had 3 second years to assess on their hillwalking knowledge, navigation, emergency procedures and their approach to an overnight session in a bothy. We had fairly wild walking weather with rain, snow and bright sun often all within the space of a minute! I've also put in a picture of some trumpet lichens often known as Devil's Matchstick which was growing in the crevices in a wall. The Lochaber hills have lost some of their snow coating (although there was a dusting last night as we were wandering around doing some night navigation) but the deeper gullys will have retained their snow. Fingers crossed for a little cold weather to firm up and sustain this snow pack.

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