Thursday 18 February 2010

...another top day!

I've been climbing in the Cairngorms for over 20 years (being a Huntly loon) but i've never done Fingers Ridge, until today that is.
Another bluebird day in the Cairngorms and again we are first onto a classic route. Fingers is still heavily plastered but some kind soul had cleared it fairly well yesterday and I got more runners in today that most of the last 2 weeks put together!
I was looking to push Jim and Hugh a little today as they have been cruising along so far.... job done, Fingers was a good step up for them.
James, George and Colin were all instructing on routes on either side of us (lots of opportunity to exchange pictures) and Smiler came up behind us (thanks for helping the team with the stuck nut Smiler) so we had a sociable day.
Almost had a small glitch when Jim took to juggling his axe but I recovered it after a short downclimb towards Red Gully ;-)
A skier and a snowboarder descended Aladdins Couloir and Danny cut some fresh tracks down from the windy col. For us it was just another case of avoiding sunburn on the descent!
today i was working for Glenmore Lodge.


Anonymous said...

Hey Al

Just to say, your blog, pics and videos are an inspiriation to us mortals to get out and climb...hence I am for 6 days next week!! :))

Keep up the interstellar overdrive site - even from behnd a desk, there is a pavlov's dog response!


Alan said...

Hi Craig, glad you like it- have a great few days climbing!