Sunday 7 February 2010

Sat 6 Feb, Climbing

After ending our Glenmore Lodge Winter Mountaineering Course on Friday with a day reviewing ropework and navigation around the centre (bad forecast) I moved onto a weekend climbing course with 2 pupils from The Glasgow Academy. On Saturday Sam and Adam and I went into Sneachda at speed along with university groups from Manchester, Newcastle, Cumbria, Leeds and Aroochar MRT amongst others- a busy day in the offing and the toughest challenge was finding the crags! Standing at the base of the Goat Track one team asked if we were below Aladdins Couloir and we had to aim off left and traverse right to be sure of Fiacaill Couloir. Surprisingly the team ahead of us included a former pupil from Glasgow Academy, Olivia and all 4 of us had been in Greenland together this summer. This made for a sociable climb until we stepped up a gear and headed off into the mist at the top of the climb. After a careful descent of The Goat Track we swung right and climbed Goat Track Gully for our second route of the day before carefully picking our way along the coire rim (veeeery white and the beaten path is on the cornices in places) to 1141 to descend to cake and excellent catering from the Glasgow Academy's volunteer chef! Well done Adam and Sam for keeping up a cracking pace all day.


Andy said...

Well done guys. Were were coming up behind you on Goat Track Gully. You certainly keep up a good pace...left us in your wake.

Alan said...

Hi Andy- the guys were moving well weren't they?

Anonymous said...

Nice one. Looks wild but fun. Sal