Thursday 4 February 2010

The Twin Ribs

Day 4 of our Winter mountaineering Course at Glenmore Lodge and my goal today was to get Anatole and Emma to put some of the skills they saw yesterday into practise and review some of what they have been doing on summer mountaineering trips. we chose the Twin Ribs as an accessible venue with appropriate terrain. The right hand rib was quite busy with a party with Andy Nisbet, James and the rest of our team and Nick (well done on the MIC Assessment mate) all making good use of the ground so we headed across to the other rib. The guys led their way up using conventional climbing belays and rock gear and a variety of direct belays in a more mountaineering style until we hit the crest of the Fiacaill of Sneachda. Here we dropped down a little to look at snow bollards and abseil retreats.
Plenty of climbing teams out in Sneachda and Lochain today, mostly avoiding big snowy areas like the trident gullys (plenty of windslab in evidence today after last nights fresh snow and winds).

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