Wednesday 17 February 2010

Top day...

Lots of fresh snow today. after a bit of debate the sunshine and blue skies swung it and we headed up the hill. There was a weel trodden trail into Sneachda and we took the chance and headed past the Twin ribs and around to Fiacaill buttress. A few teams were gearing up just below the Couloir so we headed up to join them. Luckily they were all heading to Invernookie or Bellhaven so we had Fiacaill Couloir to ourselves. I was pleasantly surprised to find only 2 large patches of soft slab in there and a a lot of firm scoured snow ice. After a couple of pitches I coiled up one rope and soloed on as Hugh and Jim each led a pitch to the top.
Ficaill ridge was heaving and the views were stunning. There was evidence of an avalanche on the Mess of Pottage, a large crown wall adorned the exit slopes of The slant and its fall looked to have triggered the slope below. 2 climbers made it up Hidden Chimney and said it was ok.... between the avalanche forecast, the winds depositing fresh snow on that aspect and the fresh debris I don't think I'd have even gone for a look.
Other teams were out on Fluted Buttress, Spiral Gully, Patey's, Mirror Direct and Aladdin's Couloir was also reported as surprisingly scoured once the wade in was over.
Awesome day..... we carried on down Fiacaill Ridge and descended the Twin Ribs with a long abseil to end still under perfect blue skies.



You have it hard mate! Lol . Nice photos in beautiful weather! I hope your clients appreciated it ;-)

Anonymous said...

We did Cliff - Al's an awesome instructor!!