Thursday 13 January 2011

Arqiva and the thaw

Much milder in the Cairngorms today as my second Arqiva group played with some new toys (pulks, poles, snowshoes, goggles, maps, compasses, big orange bags, bothy bags and blizzard bags). We discussed weather and cold injuries and how to avoid them and after a bit of time in the Lodge grounds Jules and I took them up to the Ciste car park to use some travel techniques in anger.
Other teams were today in Sneachda and Derek made his way carefully into Goat Track Gully. You have to take real care in the area around here, Red Gully and indeed anywhere from Fluted Buttress Direct rightwards owing to the amount of loose rock around. In a thaw like the present one rock and ice fall is common and injuries and fatalities have occurred even to experienced mountaineers in this area. Take care folks.

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