Tuesday 11 January 2011

Arqiva Day 2

Well after me managing to talk far too long during last nights avalanche talk today the Arqiva team were keen to play with some toys. After a chat about weather and forecasting resources we went out around The Lodge to look at the use of ski poles, snow shoes and pulks- they are often carrying heavy loads of tools and spares into masts. In the afternoon we headed up to the Ciste car park for a walk in the sun on the hill to use them in a slightly more adventurous environment and discuss shelter and insulation. The day finished with Jas giving a talk on cold injuries.
Derek climbed Central Gully... and was slightly surprised buy the number of people that decided soloing past him was a good idea when there were so many other routes to chose from... James and Mike found ice to climb on Lurchers crag.

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