Friday 25 March 2011

More coaching at the climbing wall

Today Tristan and I were working with students from UHI at the Ice Factor. The idea of the performance clinic was to let students sign up to a day purely about improving their performance in one of a number of activities. We were looking at climbing and after an active agility based warm up the group began a more sport specific warm up climbing easily but focussing on climbing as well as possible. This gave Tristan and I the time to get around the group to start gathering information about their own climbing experiences and to help them form some goals for the session. These varied from working on a trepidation of heights interfering with performance, to route reading and building a performance towards a successful redpoint and even a little SPA ropework refresher for on student. As these are to be the first of a number of such days we spent a good while individually with students helping them formulate short and long term goals to help them carry things forwards over the next term and the summer beyond.
Cooler feeling today and there is still ice up high on the Ben. An early start is advised and be careful who and what you stand under! Thinking outside of the box and climbing the ice you can see rather than queuing for thin crowded classics may be a good idea.

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