Tuesday 22 March 2011

Turbo thaw and Indoor coaching.

Amazing coming back from Wales to see the level of thaw that we have had in the Highlands. All the low level snow has disappeared although high up there is still a good deal in the coires. The pics above show The Cobbler yesterday and the Ben today. Adam Hughes was up there to day and they walked away from Hadrians after watching the water being blown back straight up it. Although both Hadrians and Point 5 were like waterfalls today they are both intact. There is a lot of stuff (rock, ice and cornices) on the move in the present thaw so take care what you stand under. There are some good photos from Gary's site showing conditions in the Coire na Ciste today.
Today I was working for West Highland College at The Ice Factor. We were looking at psychological issues effecting performance in adventure sports. The team looked at techniques such as visualisation, relaxation and positive self talk whilst climbing routes on the walls. We also used some video coaching to reinforce messages.

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