Thursday 24 March 2011


Isi on Flying Dutchman's Direct Finish (VS 4c)
Isi below the crux on Damnation (VS 5a)
Pulling on to the slab on Damnation
Climber on The Gutter (Diff)
Isi on Resurrection (VS4c)
It was relief to don rock shoes and climb just in a thermal and a tshirt today. Sun, warm rock, no pack, protection, rock that didn't fall off the crag when you gave it a hard stare.... bliss.
Isi and I went for a quick trip up to Polldubh. We climbed 3 Pines, Flying Dutchman Direct, Damnation, Resurrection, soloed Pinnacle Ridge and something on Upper Pinnacle and bouldered around on the wall of Hodad. Then I hopped on the bike for a good cycle home. Nice change and lots of people out climbing in Glen Nevis.
Sounds like things were a little cooler and firmer on Ben Nevis today but still a little moist with things still on the move- hopefully a couple more days freeze will help a lot. : and

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