Thursday 28 June 2012

Licensing, anchors and injury inspiration

So the debate about what to replace AALA with rumbles on.
So far Northern Ireland looks set to go Adventuremark. Wales wants a retention of something based on AALA and Scotland today has plumped for the same but it will be its own scheme. So to quote John Cousins "Things are about as bad as the could be". With each home nation effectively going its own way. There is a suggestion that one central register could be created under the auspices of AAIAC pulling together anyone with a third part accreditation but, shame to say it, it feels like an opportunity has been missed to create NATIONAL, 3rd PARTY ACCREDITTED, ALL ACTIVITY, ALL CLIENT, ALL SIZE of PROVIDER scheme. Oh well... lets see how complex things can get.
Sorry if that sounds cynical. I'm just a little negative about the whole thing.
Scotland to keep AALA
A National Register as a way ahead?

The UIAA have been doing further work on the corrosion of bolted anchors and have released a safety notice here. The BMC summary is here.

Finally a great wee video of injury not preventing training. Look out for gems at 02:16, 03:05 and 03:31. And some baaaad dancing at the end :-)

Broken Toe... from Tops Off 4POWER on Vimeo.

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