Friday, 29 June 2012

Licensing a change of heart from HSE. A chance for something better after all?

Letter released today:

Health and Safety Executive 
Redgrave Court 
Merton Road 
L20 7HS

29 June 2012 

Dear Provider
We have decided to pause the proposal to abolish the AALA while we consider further how we develop a regulatory regime that reflects the level of risk of taking part in adventure activities while ensuring that users are reassured about a provider’s safety management arrangements.
During the consultation last year on future arrangements, concerns were raised around how to reassure users of an activity provider's safety standards. The issue of inconsistency was also mentioned – some activities are licensed while other very similar activities are not.
We now plan to consult further on this issue later this year; you will of course have the opportunity to influence future arrangements.
As a provider of adventure activities, you should continue on the basis of it being 'business-as-usual' and ensure you have a valid licence to deliver the activities within scope of the current arrangements. Following the consultation and as any changes are implemented, we will keep you informed of any developments and any transitional arrangements that need to be put in place.
The legislation that gives licensing its legal base is devolved to Scotland and Wales and we understand that the devolved administrations have decided to retain licensing in its current form. We will work with them as we develop future arrangements.
Yours sincerely

So it seems that the fact that every other Home Nation decided that HSE in England's approach was a poor one may have resulted in a rethink. Good news!

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