Tuesday 26 June 2012

Racing the rain, a loose block and a cool video

Alan and I were out today for a day's rock climbing. With plenty of experience of slabby rock recently we went to the east face of Aonach Dubh to remind him of a different rock type and some steeper ground. We started with Eve's Arete, only VDiff but the traverse on pitch two usually gets the heart going and didn't disappoint today.
We weren't alone at the crag today; there was an MIA training course from Glenmore Lodge on the crag too but we were still able to climb routes that Alan hadn't down before.
After Eve's, where Alan got the opportunity to place a little gear and build a some belays for himself, we headed to Quiver Rib. Again  although its only a Diff it really packs a punch at the grade with super situations, steep rock and greg big holds.
We had planned to abseil down using the block at the top of Arrow Wall that has been a longstanding anchor used for descent. This year it has got particularly rattly and i wasn't the only one to decide it was no longer justifiable to abseil from today. So we walked back down to the lower tier just as the rain started. We then dropped down to the trees at the top of Drainpipe Corner and used them to get back to our kit.
The rain was light as we reached the car and got serious as we headed for home... perfect timing!

Here is a great video trailer from Arc'teryx for a film of Ines Papert... her son and an expedition in Kyrgyzstan... itchy feet anyone?

TyndĂ˝k · Trailer from Franz Walter on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for a very enjoyable day, Al. Hope to be out again very soon. Alan T.