Tuesday 12 June 2012

SPA Day 2 and changes at Auchinstarry

Day 2 of the SPA training and the guys were rigging different setups and looking at problem avoidance and solution and managing groups at Auchinstarry Quarry.
The Council have been 'stabilising' the rock (prying bits they assessed as loose off) here regularly for some years and recently completed a major landscaping job at the crag. They have removed most of the soil and the old dry stone walls at the top of the crag leaving a steeply angled bank (this will erode and become even more slippery when wet than at present). They've opened up a lot of the left hand side of the carpark area (a lot of loose rock here, abseil inspection may be wise before leading). They've added a new bolt to the top of the promontory area and removed all of the old stakes (watch your step getting down the other side to the trees, very loose exposed slide to get to them with a substantial drop beneath). There are quite a lot of small pieces of loose rock at the top of the routes Tar, Anarchist, Scream and the Access Diff (the tree is gone from the latter too).

It will all bed down after a bit of use and some weathering. Then being dolerite which seems to be layered like onion skin the surface rock will loosen again and the Council will have another go at it!

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