Saturday 25 August 2012

Be inspired

I must admit I was cynical going into the Olympics (perhaps it was the McDonaldisation of the whole thing) but by the end of the opening ceremony (as expensive as it was) I'd begun to change my mind and as the events unfolded I was happy to join the rest of the nation (nations?) in celebration. the British Athletes are pretty impressive.
Now I'm happy to let myself be moved by another series of images . The 'Meet the super humans' campaign shows another group of athletes in 'do or die training mode'. It's a powerful piece of film set to a powerful piece of music, designed to appeal to us and give us goosebumps by showing the dedication and determination of incredible performers and the adversity they have to overcome. And it works for me every time.
Want to be inspired? Think of this lot the next time you're looking for motivation.
Oh.... and by the way, they're Paralympians.

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